A Relaxing Christmas

My Christmas was very relaxing. This year, I went with my dad to my aunt’s house to have lunch. My boyfriend came along as well. While we were there, we exchanged gifts. My aunt got me a Starbucks gift card–which I was super grateful for–and I got her lotion, soap, and lip balm. I gave Christmas gifts to my dad and my boyfriend several weeks earlier. I got my dad new shoes, and my boyfriend a shirt.

Before arriving at my aunt’s house, I wore my over-the-ear headphones and played some background noise. I was anxious about going over because of the potential triggers I’d encounter. When I got there, the TV was on, and usually the sounds from her TV trigger me. However, because I was wearing headphones and playing background noise, the TV didn’t trigger me. I was already feeling good about the rest of the visit.

My aunt cooked steak, cheesy potatoes, green beans, prepared a fruit salad, cobbler, and I think there was pudding. Point is, there was quite a bit of food and it tasted amazing. Small talk was hard for me because when I chewed, I couldn’t hear if people were talking. So I had to stop chewing to hear someone speak, and then finish chewing, and then reply. It was a hassle, but nothing that prevented me from having a good time and enjoying my meal.

Me at my aunt’s house

After the meal, we stayed for a little while just to visit. Then, we went home. My aunt messaged me later saying she really loved her gift, and that made me extremely happy. My boyfriend and I hung out for a little while before he went home. Afterwards, I sat in the kitchen by myself, snacked, and watched Christmas related videos on YouTube. It was great. Like the introvert I am, this was probably one of the highlights of my Christmas: being alone to recharge.

I had a really relaxing Christmas, but throughout the years, a lot of things changed. We used to have huge family get-togethers on holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Since my grandmother passed away, that stopped happening. Family only came once in a blue moon. It’s been just me, my aunt, and my dad for the last several years now. In terms of family, at least. My boyfriend being there makes it ten times better. Talking to and being with friends during Christmas has been great as well, if they’re not busy. This year I got to spend a lot of time with friends. We had a Christmas party with a Secret Santa. It was just great fun.

I know there are people out there, with misophonia, without misophonia, who don’t look forward to Christmas. For whatever reason, Christmas is not something they enjoy, whether it be because of triggers from family, or because there’s no family for them to go to. Maybe it’s something completely different. Whatever the reason is, I’m sorry that Christmas time isn’t the best time of year for you. I’ve seen some really sad posts lately, and it breaks my heart. To you, I want to say that it’s over now, and I hope things are better for you from now on. I wish everyone who has had a bad Christmas well wishes and joy from here on out, no matter what your situation in life is right now. I’m aware at how extremely fortunate I am to have family and friends to celebrate with, even if some of them get on my nerves sometimes. If you need someone to talk to, you may contact me via the “Contact” page.

A little poem I made to end on (what I perceive to be) a positive note:

Christmas Is: In the Eyes of an Introvert

Christmas is waking up on December 25th and staying in bed as long as possible, drinking in the silence before starting the day.

Christmas is staying up until everyone’s asleep, turning on the Christmas tree lights in the dark, and sitting down in front of it, in awe of its beauty.

Christmas is wrapping a blanket around you and drinking hot chocolate, alone, singing Christmas carols to yourself.

Christmas is sneaking away from the family and going outside in the dark, where it’s cold and you’re wearing a warm jacket, staring up at the stars and looking for the Belt of Orion.

Christmas is humming music from Harry Potter and craving sweets from Hogsmeade…and perhaps a hot Butterbeer.

Christmas is remembering the day of Christ’s birth, and smiling when you drive by a house with a nativity scene.

Christmas is doing most of your shopping online to avoid long lines and huge crowds.

Christmas is being with family, but also breathing a sigh of relief when the day is done, and you’re finally alone.

Christmas is the friends who have stayed with you, even in the darkest of times.

Christmas is going out of your way for someone special who understands you.

See you next week.

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