Blossoming Friendship

This post is going to focus on one particular person who has come into my life just this year. The reason for this is because I had a particularly rough few days, and thinking of the memories we have made together in such a short amount of time has kept me from thinking too negatively. I have been battling a recurring migraine and haven’t had the chance to get hardly any work done because of it. I’ve also been going to bed much earlier than usual because I have been getting tired earlier. This isn’t a bad thing in the sense of getting much needed sleep, but it does prevent me from working at hours I am comfortable working at. I will refer to this new(ish) friend as M.

M responded to the Misophonia and Positive Vibes event, and I will post his response below. The event allowed people to talk about misophonia and talk about the people they knew with misophonia. M talked about me when he posted his response for the event:

I remember the first time I saw you was at mass, and I wondered to myself, “Why does she wear those earphones?” I didn’t think too much about it. I saw you again and then you had the same earphones on, and they were not coming off. I wondered a bit more this time. I ended up asking a mutual friend, what was up with the headphones. He ended up telling me that you had misophonia. I remembered I looked at him blankly, I had no idea what that was. I ended up going to my good friend, Google, and asking for help. I googled what misophonia was and I was shocked. I remember just being awestruck and wondered how someone could live with such a condition. After getting to know you a bit more I understood misophonia more as well. How certain sounds get you on edge and how some people are automatic triggers to you. I always worry whether or not I trigger you because I know I can be loud and obnoxious. I feel that if I had to deal with a triggered person, I would remove them from the situation immediately, and just let them be in peace and quiet So they would be able to refocus and go back out to deal with triggers in the real world. Overall, I am still getting to know this world of misophonia, but everyday is a new challenge.

I forgot when or how I met M (because my memory sucks), but I know it was this year. I also remember that it was through the choir I participate in at my local church. He might have come to hang out with everyone after rehearsal was over and I saw him there. However it was, I met him, and the random things we talk about on Facebook messenger, the personal talks we get in to, and talking to him about the Moana movie and gushing over it has gotten me through this week in particular.

M has proven to me that he is someone I can trust. I read his words, and all I could think about was how lucky I was to find yet another person who is supportive and non-judgmental. I can be real and open with him because I believe it when he says he’d help me if I got triggered. For instance, we went to a restaurant in Mexicali called Pampas with several other friends, and while we were eating, M occasionally asked if I was ok and if I was enjoying myself. When I told him yes, I wasn’t lying or trying to tough it out. I was actually having a great time.

If I was to describe him is one sentence, it would be this: “He’s the kind of person who makes you forget about all the bad for awhile.”

I’m cutting this post short because I am very tired and have finals to prepare for. Talking to M was one of the highlights of the week thus far, especially when battling my migraine plus triggers. I am very lucky to have surrounded myself with people, especially M, who would never use misophonia against me.

See you next week. <3


  1. Sally says:

    I also have been opening up more about triggers. People who know me understand them and are considerate. Thanks for your positive outlook and courage. I have to be careful not to over read on the Facebook page all the anger….it is not helpful to me. Your kind words do make sense for me. Thanks

    1. Thank you Sally, and you’re welcome. I try my best. 🙂

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