Camping Trip

Last weekend, I went camping with my friend L and several other people he knew and was related to. Throughout most of the trip, I went without my earplugs. Usually, I wear earplugs and headphones, but since I knew we’d be out in nature, I figured I’d be better without them.

The ride over to the campground was incredibly long. Not unbearable, but long. I rode with L and, because he knows I have misophonia, the car ride was fine.

When we finally got to the campground, it was very late and I was incredibly tired. I thought my misophonia was going to be bad because of my tiredness but it wasn’t. Not really. It was difficult falling asleep but I eventually did. And the next day was when the real adventure began.

The campground was beautiful:

That day, Saturday, we had breakfast and afterwards, went adventuring. Breakfast was nice and I wasn’t triggered by the chewing noises. It was so strange, but I was incredibly happy about that. There were lots of rocks on the campground, and L and almost everyone else are pretty adventurous people. They climbed on large rocks and down steep rocks. So of course, I was inspired to be adventurous too. Not too adventurous. But here’s what I would normally do: stay behind, alone, and enjoy time by myself. But I went with L to spend time with him and everyone else. So I was as adventurous as I possibly could be. And while adventuring, I was hardly triggered at all.

I couldn’t sleep very well that night because it was horrifically cold, even though I had two blankets over me. Plus someone was talking outside the tent I was sleeping in, and that was the only time I got triggered. Perhaps because of several things: I was cold, trying to sleep, and trying to keep myself from having a full blown panic attack.

Morning came (Sunday) and I had barely slept. I was afraid that since I was triggered a lot last night, I would be the rest of the day, too. Surprisingly, I wasn’t. I took that as a blessing and, since it was Sunday and I am a practicing Catholic Christian, L had agreed to take me to a nearby church. At church, I wasn’t triggered much there either. At this point, I am confused, yet happy. For almost the entirety of the camping trip, despite my tiredness and soreness due to all my adventuring, my misophonia wasn’t bad. Because my misophonia is usually bad when I’m tired or generally stressed out, the lack of things triggering me was just strange to me. I again took it as a blessing.

After church, we went back to the campground, went on another small adventure, and then packed up. The car ride back home that night was just as long, but still not unbearable. And L was still as great about not triggering my misophonia.

Overall, I think the fact that I was with L during the trip, who is incredibly supportive toward me, helped a great deal. I’m not normally as comfortable without my earplugs or headphones. But when he’s around, it’s different. I feel like I can be ok, and if I’m not, he won’t make a huge deal out of it. This was the first time since I was little that I had gone camping, and it was just as great as I remember it. Though I was cold and sore, I still considered it perfect. Surrounding myself with great people and being with L really contributed in me not getting triggered so much. I hope for more adventures like this with L in the future.

See you next week!

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