Changing the Negative Mantra

I have been feeling tired and sad. For the past week and leading into this one, my mind has been filled with thoughts of how tired and sad I am. Despite my loving boyfriend and his efforts, despite hanging out with close friends, it’s all that I’ve been thinking. Schoolwork and exams don’t make it any better. I also forgot about one thing for school that I know will severely hurt my grade and lower my GPA.

Today’s class was cancelled, and I was incredibly happy because, you guessed it: I was tired. I wasn’t ready to walk in to class to turn in an essay I hardly worked on due to my tiredness. After reading the email, I was happy I now had another week to improve on my essay.

While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I read a post by a friend of mine, a fitness coach. She made a post saying how she wasn’t feeling too great either. She talked about how tired and sad she was, too. That it had become a mantra for her to think “I’m tired. I’m sad.” Towards the end she said she was changing what she’s thinking. She’s replacing “I’m tired. I’m sad” with “I’m brave. I’m enough. I’m loved.” She emphasized that even though she wasn’t feeling any better, she’s taking the chance of changing her thoughts anyway.

This was what I needed. I needed to read her post because her words reminded me that I can’t give up. She makes a good point about changing her thoughts to see if she’ll feel better eventually. She doesn’t believe her new mantra right now, but the point is that she’s trying.

We should all try, too. Replacing thoughts like “I’m tired. I’m sad” with more positive thoughts will make a difference. My friend hasn’t noticed it yet, but I have done similar things when I don’t feel so great. I’ve replaced thoughts like “I’m stupid. I’m an idiot. I’m disgusting” with “I’m smart. I’m beautiful. I’m unique”. While I didn’t believe it at first, the more I said it to myself and looked in the mirror, the better I started to feel. I smiled more. I laughed more. I started feeling human again. Replacing a negative mantra with a positive one does wonders if you’re consistent. I truly hope my friend notices the change. I also hope that those who take the time to read this will try to change any sort of negative mantra they have right now.

I’m aware not everything I suggest will work for others, but I hope, if you’re reading this, that you know your negative mantra does not have to define your life. I haven’t. You don’t have to, either. It’s up to you to change it and make one that is positive.

See you next week!


  1. James Piper says:

    Very wise. Keep from negative people. My daughter doesn’t allow anyone to make negative comments about themselves in her presence. Also wise. Once heard that our sub conscious has no filter, and believes all we feed it. Feed it only the positive. God keep and bless you.

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