Follow-up on last week

This is a follow-up on the stargazing event I went to last week. I talked about it in the previous post, where I introduced a “misophonia planner”.

Stargazing last week was, overall, very educational. We (my boyfriend and I) got there early and looked around for a little while. The stargazing event went on at a museum, about 20 minutes away from where I live. I used to volunteer there. So we looked at the artifacts on display before sitting down to wait for the presentation to start.

As soon as the presenter began speaking, I had to put my headphones on. Normally I’d feel awful about it, but because my boyfriend was there, I didn’t feel as bad. I was ok with my headphones and was able to listen to what was being said. The presenter talked about the summer solstice and demonstrated how and when it happens with a visual display. He then opened up a really cool app on his phone, where it showed constellations and stars in the sky, and talked about a few of them. I learned a lot!

After the presentation, everyone had the opportunity to pick up a sheet with a list of the names of stars and constellations. We were challenged to find all of them, either with the help of an app, or not. My boyfriend and I found all of them with mostly no help from an app. ;P We also looked through a telescope to see Saturn, and I thought that was really cool. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see it, and guessed it was because of his poor eyesight. We were then pulled aside and interviewed for our local paper, and the interviewer was really excited about meeting my boyfriend because he knew his grandfather.

We were both really tired after the event, and after the interview, we decided to head back to our homes. I’m glad we went, because every time I brave something like this, I feel like I’m taking more control over my misophonia. And, by doing something like a misophonia planner, that helps even more. It adds a visual, and helps me think about what I can do to escape or cope when/if the need arises. I don’t think I will ever have complete control over it, but I’m hopeful that as time goes on, I can have more control than I do now. I know that just by being with my boyfriend makes my misophonia much more bearable, and that’s saying a lot about him and my comfort levels.

See you next week!

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