Headphones Review

Me wearing my most current headphones – Bose QC 35

Hello everyone! I decided that I wanted to make one big post about headphones. I’ve had several pairs of headphones, and I wanted to review all the ones I’ve tried. At least, the ones remember. I hope you find this useful! Feel free to ask about something I may have forgotten to add, either in the comments, or by messaging me on Facebook.

CODA Headphones:

  • Audio Coda headphones with mic
  • Lightweight with a detachable cord

I got these back when I was in high school, I think. It was either high school (senior year) or first year of college.

Comfort: 3/10. These headphones were comfortable for the first 20 minutes or so before they started hurting my ears.

Sound: 4.4/10. Decent enough, at the time. My triggers weren’t too bad yet, so these worked for awhile. I could play my white noise/rain/wind and get through the day.

Active noise cancellation: None. But because these are “over the ear”, they filtered out most noise and I was ok with that.

Bluetooth: No.

Wireless: No.

Battery life: N/A

Durability: 6/10. These things lasted at least two years before they quit on me.

Overall Rating: 4.6/10

JVC Bass Headband: I got these around my second/third year of college.

  • 1-button remote and microphone for Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android/BlackBerry
  • High-quality sound reproduction with 30mm neodymium driver unit
  • Powerful deep bass achieved with Deep Bass
  • 2-way foldable design for compact portability
  • Lightweight design for comfortable long period of use

Comfort: 5/10. These were significantly more comfortable, but still hurt my ears after close to an hour. These aren’t over the ear, but don’t press on the ear very much either.

Sound: 5/10. My triggers had worsened over time, and the sound from my white noise app came out a little better.

Active Noise cancellation: None. These still filtered out some noise without anything playing.

Bluetooth: None

Battery life: N/A

Durability: 7/10. I was very impressed with the durability for these. A year later, I accidentally snag the cord on something and break the headphone jack. So had I not broken the cord, I’m positive I wold have used these a little longer.

Overall rating: 6/10

Skullcandy: These were a gift, and I saved them as a spare in case my main pair broke. When my last pair eventually did, I started using these.

Comfort: 4/10. These are on-ear as opposed to over-ear, and they pressed against my ears, making it uncomfortable after about 30 minutes.

Sound: 5.4/10.

Active noise cancellation: None. Some noise was filtered out with nothing playing.

Bluetooth: None

Battery life: N/A

Durability: 5.8/10. Once my main pair could no longer be used, I used this as I searched for a new pair. The adjustability of the headphones degraded over time. These never broke, and can still be used to this day, but I mainly only keep them as a spare now.

Overall rating: 6.5/10

Bluedio: I got these soon after my JVC’s cord broke. I believe it was toward the end of my third year of college. I was using the Skullcandy until these came in, which took awhile because I had to save money.


  • Bluetooth / Wireless
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Collapsable Portable

Comfort: 5/10. These kind of went over my ear, but not completely. They hurt after about an hour.

Sound: 6/10. I was very happy with the sound. Things sounded clearer, and it felt as though I was in my own world.

Active Noise cancellation: None. But because these are sort of “over the ear”, they filtered out most noise.

Bluetooth: Yes. This was my first pair of bluetooth headphones, and I swore I’d never go back to cords again. It was so much more convenient to just be able to leave my phone on the table. I could do dishes and other things within a certain distance and not have to worry.

Battery life: 2 and a half days or so.

Durability: 5.9/10. These lasted a good long while, but I think at one point they broke while in my purse. I tend to throw my purse around and forget my headphones are in there. One time I put them on my head and one side was looser than the other. It eventually completely broke.

Overall rating: 7/10

TaoTronics: I used these for the last several weeks of my third year in college, during Christmas break, and into the first few weeks of my fourth year.

Comfort: 5/10. These felt ok for the first hour or so before they started hurting. They didn’t quite go over the ear.

Sound: 7/10.

Active noise cancellation: None. But because these are sort of “over the ear”, they filtered out most noise.

Bluetooth: Yes.

Battery life: 2 days.

Durability: 5/10. I say this because after using them for less than a year, I noticed two cracks on the headband right above the padding. I was very disappointed. They haven’t broken completely, but they will if used for much longer. These will be another spare.

Overall rating: 6.2/10

Bose QC 35: I didn’t want to get these because of how expensive they are. However, after a lot of thinking, I spent the money and waited anxiously in the mail. I am currently using these during my fourth year of college.

  • ACOUSTIC NOISE CANCELLING: Continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noise. Then cancels it with the opposite signal.

  • THE GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Just press and hold the Action button, and start a conversation with your Assistant.
  • VOLUME-OPTIMIZED EQ: For consistent performance at any volume.
  • CLEAR CALLS: Hear and be heard. Even when it’s windy or noisy.
  • VOICE PROMPTS: We’ll talk you through Bluetooth® pairing
  • BATTERY: Listen for up to 20 hours. And then a quick 15-minute charge gives you another 2.5 hours.
Comfort: 9.8/10. I was completely amazed. I put these on for a class, and didn’t feel any pain for the entire two and half hour class. I don’t give it a perfect rating because it does feel a little weird after wearing it for so long, but it’s very minor.
Sound: 9.9/10. Phenomenal. Things are so clear. Music is clear. I hear instruments I haven’t heard before. When listening to my white noise app, everything is so clear.
Active noise cancellation: 9.7/10. This is amazing. It has the ability to go from low, to medium, to high. The only thing is that, when in the car, even on the low setting, I sometimes get nauseous. So I have to turn it off while in the car. Otherwise, it blocks out so much background noise. It even kind of filters out my worst trigger, which is the S sound.
Bluetooth: Yes.
Battery life: 20 hours, plus an extra 2.5 hours after a quick 15 minute charge. Not as long as some of the other bluetooth headphones I’ve had, but I think it’s a small price to pay.
Durability: I can’t say for sure, but the headphones came with a case. As long as I remember to put them in the case if I don’t want to wear them right away, I feel like these are going to last a very long time. I hope so, because I spent quite a bit on these.
Overall rating: 9.9/10

I hope you enjoyed this review of all the headphones I owned! I think you know my favorite. Yep, it’s the Bose. I hope these last for a good long time. I am very happy with these. I’m a Catholic and frequently attend mass. With my previous headphones, I wasn’t able to sit through the entire mass. I had to leave and come back at a certain point. I attended a mass with the Bose for the first time and I was able to sit through the entire mass! I was pleasantly surprised. No more walking out and looking disrespectful. These also help me significantly in my college classes.
Well, that’s it for now. If you’ve been following along in my internship quest, I hope to get another update out soon. See you next time!



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