Many people say “We need more research!” And I agree.  Legitimate and ethical research takes a long time, especially on something as rare and relatively new like misophonia.

I’m taking a research class this year, and most of the information is very technical. There are parts of the book we’re studying from that I just can’t seem to understand. Like statistics, for example. I never was good as statistics, so the part covering that confuses and frustrates me.

Nevertheless, research excites me. The fact that there’s research on misophonia going on right now is super exciting. It excites me so much that I created a survey. The title is called “Misophonia Accommodations”, and the purpose of the survey is to determine how many people have, or don’t have, people in their life (friends/family/etc) who accommodate for their misophonia. There have been 168 responses so far, which I think is a great start. But I want to see if I can get more. It hasn’t even been a month since I created the survey, so I want to push for more responses if I can.

If I can do my part in advancing research even a little bit by creating a survey, then I’m going to do it. I already have a theory based on the responses on people’s mindset and their thoughts about accommodation. I don’t know where this will be published, but I do plan on it. And I plan on getting help from experienced researchers, and writing up a report explaining the data.

If you would like to take the survey, here’s the link: Misophonia Accommodations

See you next week!

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