Storytelling: A Healthy Distraction

The past week was very rough on me for personal issues. Anxiety attacks and needing a full two days or so to recover threw me off schedule. This week, I have been experiencing sensory issues (reacting negatively after being touched, hugged, hands in my face, hands on my things or food, etc.) which has also made me feel terrible. Additionally, my misophonia has been ever present and triggers have been really bad so far.

However, during the start of this week, I started writing. I started experimenting on a new way (for me at least) to tell a story. If you’re interested you can view what I have published on here. This experimentation has kept me motivated and distracted from personal, sensory, and misophonia issues.

I also started working on another story that was made, deleted, redone, deleted, and redone many times. It’s been in the works since about 2014. I finally decided to give it another go, and I like how it’s turning out so far. If you’re interested, you may view what I have published on here.

Working on these two stories is great. Whichever one I decide to work on, I totally engross myself in the story and what I want to happen next. Sometimes I get distracted or frustrated that I can’t come up with the right sentence or word, but when I do, it’s awesome. I feel accomplished after re-reading what I did and defeating any sort of writing obstacle.

It’s hard for someone with anxiety to feel accomplished all the time, or even at all; especially if those fears anxiety keeps telling you about come true. Same goes with misophonia sufferers. It’s extremely difficult to feel able to do or accomplish anything because it’s easy to get triggered by sounds. But for me, writing can distract me. It can take me into a world where my problems are nonexistent, and instead, I home in on the protagonist and create their story, developing them as the story progresses.

Writing is my escape route.

See you next week!

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