Sunday Escape in the Desert

On Sunday last week, I went with my aunt and a friend to a museum in Ocotillo, CA to take pictures. Not inside the museum, but of the desert life surrounding it. I live in a desert (El Centro, CA!), so everywhere is technically potential opportunity for desert pictures. But Ocotillo is a place I don’t go to often, and the desert life there is unexplored by me.

I just needed an escape. From misophonia and from personal issues that I’m still currently dealing with. My friend accompanied me as I stopped and took pictures of almost everything, and I found ways to make whatever I was photographing look interesting. It was hot, but we had plenty of water and snacks. My aunt spent her time in the museum or reading outside.

I took pictures of flowers, other plants, cool looking rocks, weirdly shaped branches, something that looked like a passage for water to flow into, and old railroad tracks. My photography skills were rusty, but I was still having fun. I was with my friend, which made it infinitely better.

An escape from misophonia and personal issues was exactly what I needed. I felt so much better. Plus, photography used to be one of the hobbies I was passionate about before I became less and less interested due to a number of things. My friend who accompanied me is very supportive about my hobby, which makes it easier to get back into it. Slowly, but surely. This post is short and sweet this week. 🙂 I included a few pictures I took for you to look at if you want.

See you next week!

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