The new year

The start of the new 2020 year has been good so far. I ended 2019 with a beautiful picture of the night sky with my new camera, and it was so satisfying. I started the new year even better: going to visit my boyfriend with the help of his dad. I am so happy to have started the first few days of the year visiting him. This is the first time I get to see and spend time with him for the New Year. My brain practically shut off when I finally saw him after he got home from work; and I felt genuinely happy.

The word of the year is “more”. More photography; more helping myself (therapy and whatnot), and more creating. I bought a blanket knitting kit and will start that when it gets here. I had gotten into knitting and embroidery earlier this year, but I want to make more and get better at it. I will also be working on getting my driver’s license–upgrading from permit to license. That way I can do more in terms of going places and being more able to travel for my photography. I want to save more money for my own car. Just…more, for this new year.

But doing more doesn’t mean I forego self care. It means knowing when I need it and saying “no” so I can refocus, recenter, and recharge. As an introvert, it is difficult to be around people for long periods of time, but it is something I can manage, even with misophonia, anxiety, and depression. I just know it.

I also want to do more in terms of my faith. I want to be more active in my church, and do more in my personal faith journey. I want to be better, and have already started to work on that. I won’t go into incredible detail, but just more prayer, more knowledge, and being more charitable.

There are additional things I want to say here in terms of “doing more” this year, but I can’t yet. I’m really excited about these but until they actually happen, I can’t talk about them yet. I am looking forward to when I can, and hopefully it will be within this year.

Normally I end with a journal entry, but this time I’ll end with a thank you. If you’re still here, reading what I have to say, thank you. I hope you have a great 2020, and if it didn’t start that great, I hope it goes better as the year goes on. I’m rooting for you.

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