Tracking my mood

I recently installed this app called Daylio. It’s a free private diary to track your day without needing to write. All you do is tap on the mood you’re feeling, the activities you did, and that’s it! You can also create new moods if you need to. I used it before back when I was in high school, but uninstalled it because it was new and still coming out with additional features. It’s fully fleshed out now (I think) and it has been a very useful tool is helping me track my mood.

While Daylio is free, it has premium features for a one time price, which is really nice. This gets rid of ads and allows backup to your Google account so if you get a new phone, you can just login and have all your information again. I decided to get premium as I am very happy with how the app is working for me.

This is one of the achievements in the app and I laughed when it popped up. I take my moods seriously; I added in between moods like “Ok” and “Meh”. “Ok” generally falls on the positive mood spectrum, and “Meh” lies more in the middle/negative mood spectrum. I’m sure I’ll be adding more moods. One of them may be “triggered”, so I can know that was my misophonia.

But it’s really nice that I can add a lot of moods, because that makes tracking how I feel throughout the day a lot more specific and accurate. I can then look at the statistics the app gives me and see how many times I’ve been feeling a certain way, and which activities I was doing while I was experiencing that feeling. These detailed stats could help me when I start therapy and/or medication and will help me see if there are any mood improvements.

I never liked mood tracking before because it was always felt too generic and tedious. Having to write out my day and how I was feeling throughout was just unappealing. I like the aesthetic of keeping a journal, with a full page of pretty handwriting and creative/cute little doodles on the edges, but all of that is so exhausting to think about. So I don’t do it. But with Daylio, it’s so quick, and I like that a lot. I can add notes if I want about something specific. For example, if I’m feeling really bad, I can make a note saying “Having panic attack.”. Then once I feel better, I try to remember to log it. It’s important to know how long my panic attacks last, because sometimes they last an entire day, and grow very intense once I’m settling into bed. It all depends on what happened: did I get enough sleep? Was I triggered? Did I have a long, exhausting day? Did I argue with someone? Am I dehydrated? Did I eat enough? So many factors to consider, and this app helps me be more aware.

I’m not getting anything out of talking about this app. I just find it really helpful and wanted to share. If you use it, how do you like it? If you haven’t heard about it until now, are you going to try it out? Whatever it is, and wherever you are on your journey in life, I wish you well.

I’ll end with a journal entry:

Write about your favorite holiday. List three reasons why it’s your favorite.

My favorite holiday is Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday of the year because:

  1. Dressing up is just super fun.
  2. I can get creative with my costume if I want. I always try to see what I can find at home. This year I was someone from the Victorian/Renaissance era. My grandmother had all these old dresses in her closet and I found one that I thought was perfect. Here’s a photo:
Very vintage and faded green. Incredibly long on me; my grandmother was tall in her youth.

3. There are plenty of photo ops. There are some really creative people that can make costumes look so cool, and I love the pictures that people take of those people and their costumes.

Until the next update.


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